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so you actually think pve is near as good as pvp gear in pvp? I do about 10% less dmg and take around 15% more dmg if i use pve gear rather than pvp. But like I said, just because you cannot kill someone does not make their gear better or even the same as yours.
Since there is no gear progression, go buy some cheap greens off the gtn and use them, according to you they are the same as partisan/conqueror. Post your results
ya but if ur in pve gear in all 72's/75's you will do more than 10% more dmg and have more than 15% dmg reduction over somebody in full conq/partisan gear. think what u want tho lol.

i know this for a fact cuz most of my 55's have pve gear when i do pve and i have 1 char in full conq gear. the pve geared chars do better simply cuz of the HUGE stat difference. i dont really care if they change this or not since i have several 55's and i have pve and pvp gear so dont matter to me. i just think it is funny you leave out this half of the information to try and prove your point with half truths.....just shows you are either ignorant or you leave this information out cuz you know you are wrong lmao.