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PT/Vanguards want a buff? Fine, as long as their dps is under of a Merc/Mando, I don't want to get back to that era where a rifle class was doing more damage that a big *********** canon, thx.
Do you mean burst? because atm I still out DPS every DPS mando/merc in wzs lol. The fact of it is Powertechs/Vanguards didn't even need a nerf with everyother AC getting a buff people just complained and complained about the apparent OP hybrid spec on the 2.0 Test Server when ALL bioware needed to do was go into Advanced Prototype tree and make Charged Gauntlets only available with High energy gas cylinder on which they did the nerfs to pyro itself was not needed.

Btw if you're really trying to balance two seperate classes from cosmetics please just stop posting you're the morons bioware listen to sadly.
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