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I actually posted this to see how the response would be if the character progression through gear would be eliminated from your favorite part of the game. As you can see the mere thoght of it starts a flame war. Thank you for your responses i will use this to illustrate the problem in the PVP forum.
I'm sure it will have way more impact than the other 36 threads on the same topic *rolleyes*

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I suppose that righteous PVE'er had it right when he said that PVP is a minigame and 0.5% of the content, because that is certainly what it feels like.
Defining oneself as PvPer or PvEr is being hemiplegic. I would rather stay whole, thank you very much. As it stands, I'm sorry for the state of PvP in this game, so far from what it could have been. Til huge changes are brought (erasing Expertise, implementing side vs side openworld pvp, consequences for loss and wins at a faction level...), PvP is a mere minigame.

@Smuglebunny : there are PvP servers to milk the pvp-interested population and you said it yourself : you wouldn't pay if there wasn't some pvp...