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So it seems like Shadow tanks got a response. Apparently you have to wave a glowstick around to get the proper attention.

Consider it waved.
Do you have *any* idea what we had to do to get even the modicum of attention that we received?

It wasn't just a glowstick thing. It was a "copious amounts of math, analysis, models, and numerous anecdotal and parse based data points along with copious intense discussion over the course of 3 months" thing and all we got was "investigating" and "no timeline". Hell, on *top* of that, it took someone spam posting in every forum to *finally* get their attention and give us a post. We Shadows *earned* that response.

This isn't to say that PT/VGs don't need a going over. I agree that they do (though, as a PvEer, I view it more through the lens of PvE than PvP; I still support a review for both though thanks to the overall gutting that the specs received). I *do* disagree with the notion that we Shadows got attention *easily* or because we're part of the glowstick brigade. We worked *damned* hard for that response and, even then, we got the bare minimum.
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