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Efficiency reduces the time a mission takes to complete. Based on watching my own companions, I'd guess that its percentage based reduction, that stacks with the reduction from your Affection. (Ex: My Khem Val has +15 Artifice efficiency. If I send him to craft an item that takes 2m33s, the actual timer starts at 2m3s. That's a 15% reduction from Efficiency, and about another 7s from Affection. Alternatively, its a 15s reduction, and another 15s from my Affection. Still trying to figure it out.)

Critical is the chance of returning with extra rewards. You'll know you've received a critical mission reward, because instead of the regular "So and So successfully completed the assignment" text, you'll get a bit of flavor text telling you how they did something extra special. Critical craftings have the chance to get either bonus stats, or add an Augment slot to weapons and armor. I would guess this is probably an additive % to whatever your standard criticals are. So, if the default crit chance is 5%, a +2 Critical would give you a 7% chance.