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Cartel Coins can be used by anyone. This isn't subscriber exclusive. I was expecting to get something that would be exclusive for subscribers, such as a new mount, an item perhaps, but nope, they decide to give us 500 cartel coins, 100 less than I get each month for subscribing to the game.

This game is turning into a damn shop.
I don't get it?? You are complaining about getting an additional 500cc above and beyond your normal grant?? Seriously?? Sorry but that isn't entitled, that is just plain stupid.. Only subscribers got the extra 500cc..

The item that will be really cheap on the CM for a single day has nothing to do with subscriber appreciation.. It is about the celebration of KOTOR's 10th anniversary.. Yes, that is feeling entitled.. Again also stupid..

As for the game turning into a shop?? I just don't agree..

I didn't respond to the rest of your post because it is obvious that you just aren't paying attention..
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