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sure insult me to hide your own ignorance, what i mean is that there is no gear progression in pvp. Yet when someone advocates the same in your precious PVE see what reactions i get

You can gear while leveling its quite ez to max up your coms and you even got starter PVP gear pre bolster,.. where is my starter ops gear then. So saying i should do fp's to join OPS but you yourself being either to freaking lazy to do some bolstered pre 55 PVP or to stupid pre 2.0 too keep your free PVP gear is quite ignorant to say the least.

I do want a maxed out hardcore PVP-er to do more dmg then a PVE geared new recruit, probably the same way you would like a 72 level geared DPS to do more dmg then someone covered in greens.

But judging by your first response i am wasting words on a shortsighted infant
Gear is what makes pve last. You take that away, you take away the reason to run ops over and over. Im not gonna waste my time typing a long response when its obvious you have tunnel vision but bolster is there for a reason, it is because as previously stated by the 2nd post you choose how hard it is going to be, you dont select gear levels when going into a warzone.