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07.06.2013 , 06:39 PM | #16
If PVP is a .5% minigame why are there PVP servers and what are those people supposed to do?

This is blatant bias. I hate boring PVE content. Its AI it does the same thing over and over it cannot ever be a challenge cuz there is no human behind it. If there was no PVP I would not play at all. PVE exsists to lvl only.

I don't care what mechanics there are in OPS of FPs cuz I wont ever be in one. But bolster needs to go. Immediately. I'm SHOCKED that a game maker can treat an entire section of its population so badly and still have a game. I guess lots of people just wanna kill the same monster the same way over and over to get gear to kill that same monster again when it does more damage faster, big challenge.