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Why should it not be a two way street? I mean if I only did pve and wanted to do warzones its not that bad and can easily be done now with how bolster works. If I only pvp and wanted to do operations I would be ridiculed for having no pve gear.

Especially since you only need to have classic comms to buy 61 PVE gear to be on par with full PVP geared folks in WZs and in Ops

As someone who does equal amounts of PVP and PVE (Full 72 Scoundrel Healer and Commando DPS progressing through NiM TFB atm) I can say with objectivity that the PVPers in this game are getting screwed. Whether it's inequalities via bolster, credit rewards, content, gear, balance, etc. the PvPers always get the short end.

I suppose that righteous PVE'er had it right when he said that PVP is a minigame and 0.5% of the content, because that is certainly what it feels like.