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As far as politics/social structure is concerned, Warrior, hands down. The Dark Council fears him for good reason, he is not tied by Sith politics. One word from the "Mighty Wrath" does more than a Council member pulling their strings. Everyone is scared sh**less of him
I don't think "fear" is quite the right description. If the Warrior attempts to throw his weight around at the end of his story, the response of the Council is more to just sort of blow him off. They have no power over him, certainly, but the Warrior himself holds no real political power or influence either, aside from being allowed to pretty much kill who he pleases, and even that, if he overextends himself, is likely to land him in trouble. Kill an unruly Darth here and there, sure, but if the Council members start notice they're being systematically rubbed out...yeah, that's not going to go over well.

When/if the Emperor returns, the dynamic changes, but even then he wields little of his own influence. Without the Emperor, the Wrath is pretty much free to do what he pleases, but only has the name for protection from the machinations of others. With the Emperor, no one will oppose the Wrath's actions, but his freedom to act is considerably more limited.

Basically, the Inquisitor holds political influence, but also responsibility to the system, while the Wrath is simply outside the system. He cannot bind, but he cannot be bound.