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07.06.2013 , 02:38 PM | #482
Just finished Mandalorian Raiders (SM), where i met a very interesting person.
I was running with my guardian 29 lvl.
DPS was commando and gunslinger.
Im telling you - commando was most funniest guy.

First of all he definatly was thinking that he's a tank. Running ahead of me. Aggroing.
But that was not for long. I gave him 2 warnings, on a third i let him die.
It seems he's finally understood what im saying.
Further run was pretty smooth, if not count that healer died, becouse we have only 1 dps, who was disposing of trash, till i hold elites.
We finally arrived to the final boss. I gave everyone a reminder "Kill turrets first" (iv started to give such message everytime i enter this boss becouse of newbees).
And what you think happend? Commando fully ignores my warning and start hiting boss (heh, few times he steal aggro from me). Me, healer and dps was forced to clean this mess.
And here starts most interesting part - im finally looked at commando gear...
Full of greens 15-21 lvl (dude is 31 lvl).
And i must say that isnt a first time, when i met such players.
Most of them sentinels/marauders (i guess that a favorite class for newbees). ME HAVE 2 LITESABERS! ME SMASH!