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It's boring. There's virtually zero sense of achievement to be gained from a Cartel Market purchase. Personally, I'll be grinding my way to Legacy Level 40 (I'm a meager 10) and one million credits requirement, not because I don't have the disposable income to buy her, but simply because it's more FUN!

I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in this sentiment. And if other impulse buyers (which I have no qualms in admitting to being) like me are starting to think along the same lines, then BioWare should be exceedingly worried.

I guess my overriding criticism of -- not just Treek, but the Cartel Market in general -- is that it's beginning to feel like cheating. It's as if the more achievement-based free-to-play model (unlock ____ item for ____ amount after reaching Legacy Level _____) is the correct way of playing the game, and the subscription model a cheap Game Genie alternative.
You just said using CM was boring and then 2 sentences later said you were going to grind LL 40 and 1M credits because... wait for it... GRINDING IS FUN!

Really? When did grinding become fun? Mind numbing, sure, and I guess if your mind needs numbing that could be beneficial. But FUN? More fun than sticking hot needles in one's eyes, but significantly less fun than anything else you can do in the game.

How about looking at it differently? This offers people a choice. Those who aren't LL 40 or don't have 1M credits can use CC's. Those who have LL 40 and 1M credits don't need to use CC's. Different approaches for different play styles. Win-win.