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07.06.2013 , 12:12 PM | #94
So other people have already mentioned this, but you need to allow us to turn off the double XP. I am new and leveling up my first character and have over-levelled him considerably. This is primarily because of the last 2 double XP weekends. I didn't get off Dromund Kaas until level 22. This means all the quests on Balmorra are now gray to me. This is an issue because I don't really have to learn how to play my class since all the quests are way below my level. They are so easy, I can just sleepwalk through it. I actually started a new character the other day and am purposely not playing this weekend so I don't end up in the same situation. I can understand why people who are leveling alts and have already experienced all (or most) of the content like double XP because they can skip a lot of the side quests and remain on-level. However, this makes it very difficult for completionists and for those of us experiencing the content for the first time (I am both of these) to enjoy the content. I am kind of upset because I would totally be playing a lot this weekend and I am enjoying this game, but now I can't play, all because of this stupid Double XP thing that I can't turn off.