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Pretty sure that's what I said but go ahead and insinuate whatever meaning you wish to assign to my post.
You mistake my comment to be directed to you personally.

You did state the same thing.. but what you were completely vague about was how you felt about it...leaving everyone to try to figure out what you meant.. and in fact why you ended up clarifying in a subsequent post.

I commented on your comment, to inject clarity about the fact that Treek is indeed nothing to do with effort based achievement. The minority interest group does not get this and will not admit it. They continue to insist Bioware fix it and make it an effort achievement (most commonly by declaring that Bioware must put the Legacy 40 on the CC unlock).
Judgments are often inaccurate because the brain relies on cognitive biases over hard evidence. Cognitive bias is the tendency to make irrational judgments in consistent patterns. Researchers have found that cognitive bias wreaks havoc by forcing people to make poor, irrational judgments.