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Really amazed how popular the Teek Ewok is. I'm not sure how much effort and time it has taken them to create Teek but , it seems they want some revenue from her and so i don't mind the methods they have described to purchase her.
I agree.

But we all know that once Treek goes live.. Treek will be the complaint_de_jour for patch week. Too short, too furry, not enough customization, don't like his gear, Treek crapped on my boots!, etc. etc.

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Mind you with the backlash of all this I highly doubt the next companion will be sold this way , we shall see.
Honestly, I don't see that much broad based backlash about Treek. I do see the same handful of players running heavy on the hamster-wheel of faux indignation. But this is true for everything about the game for the most part.
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