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07.06.2013 , 11:02 AM | #3
I'm in progression raiding with my guardian, and attaining or holding threat is of no issue.

I will echo the sentiments that you should go for low endurance mods and enhancements, but not armorings. A happy by-product of getting the most possible mitigation stats is that you also get more str out of your mods, giving you more threat. But you shouldn't be dependent on stacking power or strength for the sole purpose of threat generation.

Look at your rotation. For single target, are you using Hilt Strike early and often? Are you opening with guardian slash and following up with your highest damage output abilities?

For multiple target, are you opening with a Force Sweep-Guardian Slash combo, followed by a healthy amount of cyclone slashes?

And if all else fails, due to strange aggro mechanics or overzealous DPS, you can stack taunts at the start of fights in order to cement it with threat generation later.