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The Warrior is the Emperor's Wrath, handpicked by the Dark Lord of the Sith himself. The Wrath *is* the most powerful, most dangerous Sith in the Empire, second only to the Emperor himself.

Inquisitors, however, demonstrate an uncanny ability to overcome their limitations in power by using... supplements during their storyline.

So there. The Warrior can obliterate everything in his sight. The Inquisitor, however, has all the chances of being victorious, if he comes prepared.

As far as politics/social structure is concerned, Warrior, hands down. The Dark Council fears him for good reason, he is not tied by Sith politics. One word from the "Mighty Wrath" does more than a Council member pulling their strings. Everyone is scared sh**less of him, and it would take titanic effort to make a move against him that will not fail miserably. The Wrath, however, can execute anyone he wants, when he wants, where he wants, and he would not be held accountable. The Emperor, while currently in no condition to rule, will likely bounce back from oblivion. Then heads will roll, and the Wrath will be the executioner.
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