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I cant speak for pve but at least in pvp sins seem quite powerful. Specially now they got that port skill and seemed like they got damage buff in 2.0 as they seem to burn you fairly quickly with opener skill that does like 7-8k damage.

I just dont think the dev in charge of balancing has a clue wot he is doing cos every time we get class changes more problems arise than ones being solved. When a class is out performing the others he simply just nerfs it to the ground then buffs another class thants underperforming without much attention to the class being nerfed and wot it actually needed. Pt nerfs were way over top but well we all no nerfs in this game are not decifed by devs but pvp community who scream nerf until devs listen. Do snipers need a nerf???? Not in my opinion they just beed to buff other dps specs to match if thar aint poss then yes they should be brought back down on level with other specs. And no my opinion isnt bias I not got sniper and have not played gunslinger in 12 months
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