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07.06.2013 , 06:30 AM | #475
I was tanking Boarding party the other day with a guildy, and as I was getting ready to start I noticed that one of the dps, a mercenary, was in combat medic cell. So I told the person to switch cells and went along fighting the mobs. The person didnt understand what I meant by cells, so the other dps my guildy was trying to explain it to him. About halfway to the first boss, told my guildy to stop, the person has no clue how to play that class and we continued on in the fp. I didnt care if the person stayed or not as long as he didnt wipe the group. We downed the first boss and guess what the mercenary needed on willpower gear. Well everyone in the group had enough and we kicked him, got dps who knew how to play his class and went a lot smoother.