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Simple fact carl...we killed it first its a first. We already know the whole argument about skipping but I find it ironic that in the other thread you admit to skipping the very same boss in a run though its an alt run because you didn't have time on the week. Well guess what same thing!
We knew how much time we had on the week and we used our time efficiently to clear bosses. Its a decision Ill stick by because it was the right decision. We didn't have the luxury of 20-30 hours to throw at the boss like the guilds that got it down. We did however get our kill in about 70 attempts.
Skipping is not cheating it is an accepted method in multiple mmos. If Bioware didnt want the option of skipping they would have changed it by now. At this point you sound like a bitter resentful child that is crying over spilt milk. Get over it and move on.
Hello all, Sneaky Snake Gudarzz here...I am not a PVE pro or anything (I am color blind and can't clear op9). However, I would like to comment on this "skipping" thing. In the rated pvp scene, when you beat a team, it generally means you play them the ENTIRE time during a given warzone. You can't say you beat <Don't Panic> in a huttball when you switch the difficulty to 8 man derp pug for 5 points, then switch back to <Don't Panic> difficulty for the 6th. This isn't Super Mario 3 where you can use magic whistles to skip stages. As for that "world first" claim, there should be an asterisk *Dreadguards was mathematically impossible at the time*
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