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I understand your point of view, but I also understand why PvPers want 2.4 to happen and I can appreciate new FPs and Events if they are at least interesting. It all takes time and resources have to be split up into different departments.

Apart from that, another NiM is about to be released next ID and S&V was released quite a while back so technically level 55 tier 2 shouldn't be that far off. Late August early September maybe and that's OK I think ... especially considering that gameplay actually did change a bit in NiM on more than one boss and how little groups have made their way through the content yet ... and S&V Encounters with the tuning DG received will give us a good spanking for a while - that is if BW actually has the balls to make stuff difficult again, maybe get a little more daring with new mechanics even ... red puddles on Dread Guards was a good start, easy and effective.

Before Asation NiM came out I barely had enough time to get gear since I took a rather long pause from the game due to lack of content, but now that I'm back I enjoy the game again and most things PvE related (pretty much everything except class balance) goes into the right direction.
Some fights like Operator and Kephess p1 are not that impressive to be honest, but Kephess p2 Dread Guards are fun fights that don't get old that quickly, even though not a lot has changed compared to hard mode - the changes that were made enhanced the experience a lot.
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