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There are quite a few broken specs.
Pyrotech is fun but mediocre for Mercs as well. Arsenal is strong but can be a pain some times when you get unlucky procs and crits - you still deal OK damage but the gameply goes down the toilet.
Sorcerers pretty much only have one choice for dealing damage.
Powertechs have hybrid spec to be competitive but both pure specs are below average.
Assassins are more than too far behind, even though there might be a hand ful that are good enough for NiM, they're no where close to the top.
Juggernaut actually seems fine with one single target focused spec and one for AoE.

And then of course the old song about the two classes that stand out into the other direction:
Every single spec of those two culprits is simply superior to anything another class can offer in the same field and there are unique utility skills thrown in on top of that.

By the time 2.3 hits with still no class balance in sight I'll be using my L55 Sniper as my main from there on out.
I owe it to my guild since playing anything but the best does not necessarily impair but most certainly not help progression and I owe it to myself since me playing both classes takes equal effort and time with different performance, which is simply bad balance ... as in no balance.
Seems to be like 'Favorite of the Year Mages' all over again with no indication to move things towards a balanced environment amongs damage dealing specs.
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