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I believe people were pissed at you guys not because you skipped but the arrogance you displayed on the forums while skipping. You self proclaimed yourselves the best and used the term "impossible". That is what I believe people were offended by.
what he said ^ wont enter in detail, like he said, that discussion is over, just see how many guilds cleared before nerf... go to your website and read your Swtor headlines, and watch your TFB kill stream, and tell me if that deserve to be called World First above DiLiH, if u think it is, well then grats, but its just not true for swtor community, regardless of how many WoW examples we can find, or how many uninformed people comment on it .

lets be fair, u got to 30% enrage before most guilds even pass P2... you could have just tried like everyone else, and eventually kill for world first, instead of taking the shortcut, just to post a headline in the website .

For the last SF poster, the OP instructions clearly said this "If you have questions but would rather not join us on Vent, post them in this thread as well" like i know i might not be here, and if i am, i have no way to speak in ventrilo, i am posting my idea here, i agree we should not start over the whole DnT discussion, they are just the example for the idea ... i am just saying straight in the forums what i think, most guilds believe, what your own guild member said she wanted to say, and what other guilds probably want to say too but dont want to "start a conflict", i dont care if its DnT, or if it would have been Hoth, suckafish, Loom, whatever guild, just saying what i think its right, skipping its cheating simple. lets not encourage it anymore to avoid this .

Its nothing against DnT, unfortunately they were the ones that did everything, so yeah, of course they are the example, i am sure they will be on top of the list next content do great all that stuff, but unless the rule is set, there will just be another different guild doing the same, creating the same conflict... just trying to avoid that for the good of everyone .

EDIT: basically if you want to keep encouraging skipping, then i suggest you increase linear bonus, i mean, make it 3k something like that, just making sure that anyone that skip wont be anywhere near the top rankings, because they took a shortcut. i would be happy with that i guess .
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