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What a refreshing reply and a point I have been making in other threads complaining about rate of new raids (and supposed time being taken away by making NiM modes).

Most players really have little knowledge of the huge amount of work it takes to make a new raid in any MMO. On top of that, Star Wars is a very tightly controlled IP. So in addition to thinking up new and creative fights in the raids, the story lines have to be created and approved by the IP holder (Disney these days).

It does seem like the fact that we have 3 raids in the 50-54 bracket is wasted (doubly so since 55's cannot queue) and currently only 2 at end game.

Thanks for these two posts regarding the time required to create this content.

I understand the time investment but what would it require for BW to push raid content faster ?

Having one operation for a fair while is a fact of the limitations in being able to create content. I dare say the raiding community would like more operations in a faster manner so what would facilitate that faster content ?

would it mean doubling the team to create operations (which has significant investment,risk and cost)

the last I heard subs where at 900k and after ftp active accounts where at 2 million. We know the cartel market has been a successful venture could they reinvest some of those profits into expanding the team.

Although im looking forward to seeing the new fp's the content in them wont last as long as content in a new op. Could work here be better invested for a better return for the player base.

tldr understand it takes a long time to create complex content lets do that faster by allocating more resources to it
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