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I always say 'I cc blaster' - more on cc.

RenegadeRukus: ah, should say it was for PVP, then I get it, ofcourse. for threat with uber low mainstat, I guess compared to low level dps, it should be enouth in 95% cases.
yup, only had my healer die once with her. Mainly because in VS she ran around the wall without me, mind you we were in mumble so it was an easy "to the other side, nao"

I only had threat issues on my main, Zeva once... Mainly because of Enraged Defense, and not knowing what it did. So at under 20% health I would selectively proc defensive buffs, well ed was my last resort after all others proc'd and on cd... Well needless to say the healer of that group had a juggertank and saw what I was proccing and explained it to me after about 3/4ths of hammer

so, now to contribute a story. This was a little bit ago on my Sniper. Which is funny playing dps after nothing but tanks so you can really see the bad tanks... Like REALLY bad tanks.
"Tank": 21 pt
Dps: 18 sniper (more hp than tank) 19 Juggernaut (in tank and dps gear)
Healer: 17 operative

So I judge a team by the 3rd mob of hammer, cc one Droid the dps jugger breaks it, re-cc pt breaks it, re-cc after telling them to finish the others first. Breaks it... Pt dies, jugg dies, I tank the last 4 droids and snipe/ambush them all with cover heals and op heals. On the way back the pt and juggernaut decide to duo the mob at the other end of the starting area and just as me and the healer with low hp JUST got there so I have to tank them, so I cc the big Droid while I go to work on the trash, weeell remember that pt? Guess who broke cc? That's right... The pt. Well after that I try to explain Cc'ing but only the healer and half tank jugger listen while the pt just says "ok... Can we go now?" zoom ahead a little. I salvage the shortcut to the boss, me and healer continue to the boss... Pt and jugger meanwhile had their own plan of fighting their way to the boss, so op and I run after them, this time we made it. All while the pt is raging about how we were slacking off, so we told him about the shortcut and told him to scroll up and see where the op said "yay shortcut". So during the first boss, I managed to tank about 60% of the time. I had to slow down to using mainly my basic atk, so I ask the pt if he is using taunt, "uh... Duh!! I'm the tank!" to which I replied "oh, is that why target of target has my name, and I've had to use just a basic atk hoping that you would regain threat for about a min now?" ...prepare to facepalm... He said "why aren't you doing your job and killing this guy? You're just spamming a useless attack! Maybe if you actually used your attacks I would be able to tank him!! No wonder this is taking forever!!!" then the healer interjected with "if you're the best tank in the world, then why am I healing the only other person without any type of tanking gear?!"

vote kicks wen out for pt, taught the half tank juggernaut how to tank, ran the rest of it with no hitches.. And didn't even need to replace.
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