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Thanks! That's great, Eric. I still have a few questions now though.

Will this Title be per character, or Legacy wide? Will it be unlockable for the Legacy via Collections? If so what is the cost of that unlock?

It seems such distinctions would be important for those of us with a stable of characters spread across several servers. And if it is not Legacy wide and cannot be unlocked via Collections that would mean that it really doesn't cost only 10 CC if you have a stable of 48 characters spread across three servers. That means it's 480 CC and you have to log on to each and every character to purchase it on that one day.

Good questions! The title will cost 10 CC and the title will unlock per character. There is also a collections unlock associated with it which will cost 5 CC. Also for those who 10 CC is "too rich for my blood" the item, like all CM items, will be tradeable so you will likely see some popping up on your local GTN.

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