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Step forward....? How is making content where you can just bring 4 sents or 4 slingers or a mix of both and just maul through content literally a step forward? If they continue to put out content like this I'm out, and I'm sure there will be plenty in the same boat. Im not even looking forward to these fps because of the lack of form, sure hm still will take a minimal amount of coordination, but the truth is I don't play this game to just bomb through it all with 4 dps. Plus, 8 man? So basically 8 people just pounding on a target with little else? Sounds awesome.
Exactly my thoughts. In DCUO they introduced something like this, when there is no healer there is a minimum auto-regen of the HP, and when there is no tank, each member received a defense buff (wich many people preferred over the tank's duties). Over the time, being a tank in DCUO became a pain, you cannot find any groups wanting tanks. I had to respec my fire tank to fire dps, and get him geared again, just for this. A few months later, I got bored and left. If this happen with swtor, count me off as a customer, I don't want to participate on a game wich the norm is 4 maras, PT or snipers to complete FPs.
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