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Um, where was it that ArielaKnight corrected someone's grammar? I just looked back a few pages and I don't see her correcting anyone. -snipped-

Sorry, I learned my "grammar police/grammar nazi" lessons long ago on these boards but I just had to say something about your statement here. I apologize if it offended you or anyone else.

Quote: Originally Posted by ArielaKnight View Post
Do you always get so defensive when you are the one that made the mistake? You said packs which means more than one. You did not say pack which means one you said packs thereby sounding like it was more than one. So the person in the wrong is you by using the wrong wording. When it is one you use the singular form of the word and no one would think you meant more than one. When you use a plural form of a word it therefore leads anyone reading it to think you mean more than one.

So by what you state she was correct in thinking you meant more than one since you said packs (the plural form of pack).

Here is the Post. It stemmed along with:
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You said Packs not pack which means more than one. It would have been one thing to say pack but you said packs. There is a difference.
I got over it shortly after it happened. But I was grammatically corrected because I used the plural version of the word implying I would purchase more than one (even stated I would purchase 3 cartel packs) and the Grammar Police showed up to correct me and let me know that only one pack was priced at 160cc. So, I got up in arms as I was tired of being corrected over semantics by pedantics.
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