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I got the game for my birthday January 15th 2012. That's roughly one month after release no? I played all the way up until August. I even quit WoW for it. I took a break from SW:TOR Because WoW was about to release Mists of Pandaria. I came back in January of 2013 to see what was up with this CM and I found it quite enjoyable.

The large amounts of Adaptive Armor have allowed me to come up with different armor configurations that would normally be restrictive before the CM came out.

I'm having a blast in this game and I look forward to every week to see what Bioware puts on the CM or in-game.

And for the record, it's still not all sunshine and roses. I still can't Green and Red colored Bounty Hunter armor like Boba Fett and I was extremely let down by the dye system and almost considered quitting.
I see we're almost on the same page. But for me, I'm not happy with the way the game is going to but I'm still here, giving every hope there is for this game.

Now that the item they want to give out for 10CC is simply just a TITLE, do you still feel the same and "appreciated"?

but then for 10CC, It would be dumb for Bioware to release an armor set for that amount. Come on people... this should not be new. Bioware will keep leading you on into things but will end up just disasppointed.