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Hey don't get mad at me, because you refuse to accept the truth. I would love to see Revan's outfit in Black but Bioware has made it clear they want it as Light Grey, so it's gonna be Light Grey.
You see... I understand how your mind works now. You don't think about the bigger picture. I noticed this when you completely ignored what EricMusco said about the details being released soon. Your mind only saw what you wanted to see. You saw "getting a new item today" even though he didn't say that at all.

Just like when EricMusco didn't say he was happy with light Grey. He was happy that the colors matched(both bug versions). Instead you saw only what you wanted to see. You saw this: "we like light grey and you will all have to deal with it".

This stems from your statement that we should be grateful we are getting rewarded. You are so close-minded that even if someone showed you concrete evidence, you would stand by your own belief.