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Hey folks,

As some of you have already begun to figure out, every subscriber is receiving a bonus of 500 Cartel Coins. Some of you may not have gotten them yet but don't worry, the process takes a few hours. All of you should be receiving your 500 coins today. As an additional tease, we have something coming to the Cartel Market later this month that is going to be super, super cheap and available for one day only! All I will say for now is hang on to 10 Cartel Coins and look for details soon™.

Great...just perfect. At the end of next week I am headed out of town for 2 weeks and I won't be near my computer so I won't be able to log into the game and I won't be able to buy the item that is only available for ONE FREAKING DAY! You do know that some of us dedicated players actually also have lives outside of the game. Making this available for just one day is going to make a lot of people unhappy that either forget, don't know about, or physically can't log in on said day.
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