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I think they are doing them as a bridge between makeb and current 55 endgame as people tend to be jumping into the 55 content without updating their gear to at least 148 rated stuff (which is what these flashpoints drop).

I actually think roleless content is a step forward and hope they expand it beyond just the beginner content, maybe even some 8 man.
Step forward....? How is making content where you can just bring 4 sents or 4 slingers or a mix of both and just maul through content literally a step forward? If they continue to put out content like this I'm out, and I'm sure there will be plenty in the same boat. Im not even looking forward to these fps because of the lack of form, sure hm still will take a minimal amount of coordination, but the truth is I don't play this game to just bomb through it all with 4 dps. Plus, 8 man? So basically 8 people just pounding on a target with little else? Sounds awesome.