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there have been several threads about crafting skill fixes for usefulness and the like since release. but what players that were not here since release fail to understand is that the game was released in a poor incomplete buggy laggy state which only positioned the developers to make fast easy fixes to what was already out. there wasn't time for anything complex nor that involved making or changing a huge database of items.

the game went free to play which means unless what anyone, including yourself propose, doesn't somehow show how more monies can be made, it will not be prioritized or even done. that is the general mindset of f2p online games' management decisions. how will it make them more money.
Well here is a concept for them...F2p gets 1 skill? because there is no incentive to craft f2p will choose a collection skill over a crafting skill. Providing incentive will make f2p want to craft thus the need to buy more skill slots or subscribe....CM purchases/subscriptions=money in their pockets!