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Hey folks,

As some of you have already begun to figure out, every subscriber is receiving a bonus of 500 Cartel Coins. Some of you may not have gotten them yet but don't worry, the process takes a few hours. All of you should be receiving your 500 coins today. As an additional tease, we have something coming to the Cartel Market later this month that is going to be super, super cheap and available for one day only! All I will say for now is hang on to 10 Cartel Coins and look for details soon™.

Cartel Coins can be used by anyone. This isn't subscriber exclusive. I was expecting to get something that would be exclusive for subscribers, such as a new mount, an item perhaps, but nope, they decide to give us 500 cartel coins, 100 less than I get each month for subscribing to the game.

This game is turning into a damn shop.

As an additional tease, we have something coming to the Cartel Market later this month
Yeah, because you tricked us into saying we'd get something about "4th of July" but you never actually made anything so you thought "Quick quick we need to make them feel appreciated give them 500 cartel coins!!"

Essentially what you gave us was a gift card because you couldn't be bothered to make a present. You basically just gave me a gift card to a shop that I never use. Bruce's response in this thread shows exactly why they gave us a gift card.

I was expecting something exclusive for subscribers. I'm so sorry if you can't understand that.

This is just another incentive to get more subscribers to put money into buying more cartel coins.

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The wife/girlfriend analogy was the first thing I thought of when I saw what this gift was.

Take it from someone who's been married nearly 15 years now. When she says she feels undervalued, that you don't listen to her anymore, that you spend all your time working and not paying attention to her, the answer isn't to peel off a fiver and say "There you are love, don't spend it all at once".

This is how this felt. It felt like you put no thought and effort into it and just wanted to fob us off as easily as possible so you could get back to making more cartel market crap that isn't covered by our subscription.

Take that how you will. You're obviously not listening anyway...

Here's my message to you Bioware. Give subscribers something unique, make me and many other subscribers feel appreciated for subscribing. Like I said, cartel coins can be used by anyone, people give you like $50 a week in cartel coins and you're rewarding them by putting more items on the cartel market. But what about subscribers? Have you forgotten about them? Its like you're treating subs as second class... So GIVE us something to make us feel appreciated, something that only subscribers can have/use.

Very disappointing for me Bioware. Anyway, better put on my flame suit, the defenders are coming!