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A few weeks ago, I was tanking 55 Hardmode Hammerstation on my shadow tank and there were two people from the same guild that popped in with us. One was a DPS, the other was our sage healer. The healer was obviously level 55 and had decent entry-level 55 HM gear, though after wiping on the first couple of trash pulls, it became painfully obvious that the healer's player didn't know how to play their class, let alone how to heal. All they did was spam saber strike, and at one point run away entirely at (what looked to me) random.

I try to be patient and helpful as a tank. I don't flip tables when I encounter people that don't know the fights or even how to play their class or gear it properly; I try to help them learn, if they're willing to take a time out and listen and the rest of the group's ok with pausing for that. I like to improve the general quality of folks using GF is why.

So I asked the group if we could pause so I could help the healer figure some things out, and the DPS in the same guild as said healer got in my digital face, declaring that she was a good healer and I had no right to single her out like that.

After attempting a tactful explanation in tells of how said healer was not, in fact, a good healer as we were wiping and they weren't even attempting to heal, that DPS said she'd talk to yon healer. I assume she did, as the healer was making a vague effort to heal after that...but only that one DPS in her guild.

The other DPS guy, a commando that was very well geared and knew what he was doing, started asking me in tells if I wanted him to field respect into heals, so he went ahead and did that.

Needless to say, we did not get the bonus boss on that run, as the healer could not comprehend the need for standing at range or that we needed the commando to be DPSing to beat the enrage timer, and in the last boss fight, said healer kept suiciding by leaping over the edge of the platform whenever the adds were anywhere near her.

Not targeting her, just near her.

The commando and I, throughout the entire run, kept speculating back and forth in tells as to the morbid curiosity we both had as to how far we'd get. We both had time and we didn't need any gear, as we were both just out to tack another 55HM up for the weekly, though when we cleared it all, he MT'd a comment to me on how the healer must be 12 and playing on mommy's account or something that went into party.

The DPS lady flipped a table and told the commando in ragefinger-speak that she was the mother of the healer's player and we were both going to be reported for harassing, embarrassing and insulting her and her son.

The commando was all 'lol lady go ahead nobody was insulting anybody. Your kid needs to ltp. This run was a crock. Next time let the tank teach your nooblet how to win and not hold everyone back'

The explosion that ensued was epic, and largely consisted of the very sort of harassing, insulting and degrading ranting she'd accused the commando of. The healer, in the meantime, kept suicide jumping off the platform and running back while this all took place.

And then I left. The hilarity made me a friend out of a very competent commando, so I chalk it up as a relative win.
Tl;dr: Commandoes are awesome