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Not to walk on anyones toes, but as I used to work in the industry, I want to comment on development times, as I have experienced them. I believe it took George Smith a month to develop the Dash'roode fight (just the fight, not including the environment), which didn't include beta and bug testing times.

Developing a fresh raid instance requires new models, textures, audio, programming, developing the environment, scripting each raid encounter, bug testing, tuning, etc. This simply cannot be done in an 8-week period. Also keep in mind that in the history of MMOs, no game has ever released raid content faster than the players complete it.

As a result, it's much less work to simply tune an instance to support a higher level of difficulty. This means that a team can develop that content while another team starts to develop new content. Either way, it is a time-consuming process.
What a refreshing reply and a point I have been making in other threads complaining about rate of new raids (and supposed time being taken away by making NiM modes).

Most players really have little knowledge of the huge amount of work it takes to make a new raid in any MMO. On top of that, Star Wars is a very tightly controlled IP. So in addition to thinking up new and creative fights in the raids, the story lines have to be created and approved by the IP holder (Disney these days).

It does seem like the fact that we have 3 raids in the 50-54 bracket is wasted (doubly so since 55's cannot queue) and currently only 2 at end game.