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07.05.2013 , 07:04 AM | #78
well carl if you go through the threads you will notice that the DiliH crew that got the first kill not only used classes that arent typically the best for the clear but they were also undergeared. They didnt even have a bloodthirst and had guys missing the good relics/implants/ears and were using a lot of 69 rank pieces. There was also a guild that used a shadow dpser in 69s that got it down. That demonstrates to me that there were some truly talented players involved that were able to optimize their dps uptime/output while at a gear/class disadvantage. It also shows that the fight is all about the mechanics and RNG before and after the fix. Sure people can now kill the boss before enrage hits and they have that little extra time, but the fight is the same. Only skilled players are going to down it certainly a casual will still be stuck on the fight.