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Quote: Originally Posted by Stuffedduck View Post
These are days I am considering to just run as dps and go on /follow.
What does "/follow" mean ?

Quote: Originally Posted by RenegadeRukus View Post
lol, I would love to see someone tell me my lowbie tank gear was crap... I had 11k hp at 35 that's more than some 50s can muster up
I won't call level 35 a "Lowbie".

It's a "mid-level" in my opinion.

Quote: Originally Posted by Atramar View Post
3rd pull, 2 elite droids, I mark one for cc, marauder leaped to him (before tank) so I cc'd and marked other one, at this point marauder used smash and woke him up.
CC AND marking is not avery good idea, imho.

Because most people I know of interpret a marking as = "please attack !"

Marking something with the meaning of "please DO NOT attack" is something entirely unknown to me.

It's like drawing circles on a target in a bow contest (Disney's "Robin Hood", for example) with the meaning of "please do not attack !"
"Just say no." If you feel like you are only there for generating Comms for someone else, then just stay away from PvP. Don't let yourself get farmed !