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Back in the day, when I was first learning to tank on a shadow, I made a lot of nonproficient mistakes of the sort one would expect from a tank that didn't yet know where tanks are supposed to position on certain fights, and I got myself into an embarrassing spot one evening attempting to main tank for a KP hardmode run.

It wasn't going too terribly until we got to the droid. I'd only ever been a DPS in KP to that point, and when I asked the group (as I'd done on the bossfights preceeding) where I should be and what I should do there, someone clearly got sick and tired of me asking and said something to the effect of 'Stop asking stupid questions and tank'.

And then the ops leader tried sorting people out to run the controls on the puzzle. Now, for those of you who've never run KP and don't know about the puzzle on the heavy fabricator boss, its a Tower of Hanoi style puzzle, where (Ideally three) people have to be at the three stations up on a platform, and each has to click their station to move a block marked I, II or III into the appropriate location over the boss to activate the plasma jet that will burn the bosses armor buffs off, and then DPS can hurt the boss a bunch. This is done repeatedly every time the boss' armor buffs replenish.

Meanwhile, the tank has to keep the boss under the plasma jet and position very carefully so as not to get caught in the plasma jet with the boss, or the tank will be dead near immediately.

Typically, this is a two tank fight, as the boss will apply debuffs to whomever its hitting, and the tanks are supposed to swap agro when one tank's got about four or five stacks of this debuff, and I knew all of that, though I'd never done that fight as a tank. So naturally I was borking that up like a fumbling noob too.

So, the ops leader gets people sorted out to run the controls, which took forever, as the guy who'd been snarky at me said he knew how to do the puzzle and very plainly didn't. Having DPS'd the fight plenty often before, I knew the puzzle and kept being a snarky toad back at him, telling him to just DPS it and stop asking stupid questions.

Yeah, we can all be a little immature and unhelpful at times, me included.

So, we get this down and we kick the fight off. First thing I do when the plasma jet goes off is stand in it. Boom, dead.

After getting a brez, I wound up getting stunlocked by the pacification droid adds and died again, and after we wiped it and regrouped, the DPS I'd been trading snark with said 'Try not standing in the fire this time, I hear it helps.'

So we get back at it, and what's he do? Screws up on the puzzle, which got someone who was supposed to be elsewhere charging up there to do it right, which sent the whole thing sideways. Wipe the second and during that regroup, I shot some snark back in the form of 'You should stack more cunning so you can outwit this puzzle.'

So, third attempt, we got it. Flash forward to Karagga's fight. The other tank wanted me to try MTing it as he knew the fight better but I had way better gear, so between him giving me pointers and having seen it done from the DPS perspective plenty of times, I was feeling confident.

I should not have felt quite so confident, as the mouse droids ate me. Wipe, regroup.

The DPS I'd been trading snark with throughout the run said something to the effect of 'Are you trying to suck or does it just come naturally?' and someone else interjected with I don't remember what, but they wanted to just get the run done and over, so back at it we go.

I don't know who did what, but that DPS and another of the deeps wound up dead for obliviously running into a fire trail to get away from something, and the other tank made a comment that I should turn Karagga around when we had his fire trail ringing the area and try to overlap it; anything to keep the fire from anywhere even vaguely near the mid or the back toward the entrance.

The DPS of archenmital disposition chimed in with a comment to the effect of 'Maybe you should stack some cunning yourself, you clearly need more'.

So we finish the fight after its all said and done, we take our loot and our repair bills and we all go our separate ways.

A few minutes after the ops group breaks up, that DPS sends me a tell to the tune of 'You've passed my a**hole test. You're a sucky tank and I'm a mediocre DPS. Want to do some FP's?"

Flash forward almost a year. Tark and I are still running FP's together, still being belligerent, foul-mouthed and awful to one another, and while we've both gotten remarkably better at doing what we do, we still take potshots at eachother whenever possible.

Most FP groups think we must surely hate eachother and sometimes get very nervous when we're ripping on eachother in the middle of some fight we could do in our sleep, all without missing a beat.

Somewhat recently, some healer tried to get us to 'talk it out, because this kind of hostility isn't good for the community'.

We both told yon healer to stack more Endurance and tough it out.