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Once they added the selfheal on turrets there was no need for healer to get off anymore, but ppl keep doing it for some strange reason.
That's the way how Tradition evolves ...

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The irony is that I think we all had more fun during this crazy run that we would have in a perfectly executed smooth run. I definitely wouldn't like to experience this every day though.
I've had a similar experience - outside of the Group Finder, just using the General Chat for finding a group.

The thing is, not using the Group Finder let's one find groups where Experimenting with Tactics is even more important - on one Taral V run we didn't even have a proper Tank, I think (sadly we couldn't finish it), and - in my opinion - having to experiment lets people learn much, much, much faster that sticking to the book ...

I even suspect that the very first "content clearing" groups have built up their reputations this way : In "uncleared" content they are actually [8i]forced[/i] to change their tactics any time if their well-known tactics don't work ... They might be much, much more "agile" in terms of tactics and in terms of experimenting than groups that do everything by the book - and why ? Because in uncleared content, no-one knows the proper tactics yet !

I've had much more fun with "uneven" groups than with "Trinity Groups".
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