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07.05.2013 , 05:37 AM | #1
So I'm having trouble deciding between Powertech tank and Assassin tank. I've played shadow tank to almost 40 iirc, and was fairly good with it. But I've been working on powertech tank lately and can't decide which to focus on, because I kinda just want to have one dps, one tank and one healer in my guild so I can switch to whatever they'd need me for. So I was hoping I could get some opinions about them, pve wise end-game, besides the typical bashing or whining about nerfs, etc that I've already seen hundreds of, because while most hate the so-called nerfs, I haven't even noticed them so...

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I guess jug tank might be viable well as well if anyone has some good input about playstyle etc. I've just been kinda turned off by them for some random reason unbeknownst to me.