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07.05.2013 , 05:34 AM | #459
Hi all,

Been following this thread for a long time and now it's time I share one of my own stories!

The flashpoint was the Red Reaper and the group was formed by the group finder.

The group classes were:
Me - Scoundrel Healer
DPS - Scoundrel and Gunslinger
Tank - Shadow

The flashpoint was going really well, the dps was high and the tanking was great, we were steamrolling through RR in no time! Then, it all changed... We got to the area where the Sith pure bloods were being held in the stasis chambers. I was pressing spacebar and 1 like crazy and accidently selected the LS option. So I ended the dialogue and apologised to the group and said I wanted to go with the dark option. The tank then suddenly types in all capitals "WHAT THE HELL, YOU STUPID IDIOT" and then he activated the exit area icon and teleported out. Everyone in the group was stunned with the overreaction, we asked him if he was coming back and he ignored us, so a dps initiated a vote kicked and it passed. Then the tank started to /w various insults and placed me on his ignore list.

This whole situation has left me confused... I can understand if he was frustrated because I wasted five seconds by having to skip the dialogue, but now he's waster his own time every day by having one less healer to group with!