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07.05.2013 , 05:21 AM | #457
Ah yes, had a fun run yesterday.

Double-Exp, so I was running FPs with a guildie to level our respective chars (Tank-Assassin (me), Pyro-PT (her)), and we got into Colicoid Wargames, likely one of the easiest FPs in the game if you know the cannon part. Our healer (Merc) didn't, so I explained and we got through that easily.
Then we entered the area with the 4 shielding droids. I asked for CC on one of them, and since the Merc was the only one who could cc droids it was his job. Well... guess what did not happen? But that was not the real problem.
While fighting and running from one droid to the next (no Wither at lvl 42 yet), I noticed my health dropping rapidly. And the incomming heals were... well... barely existant. Mostly the merc was using his auto-attack on me, healing for a great number of 80-90 per hit and the scan came so seldom and slow it was a joke. Needles to say that there were no other heals. No Kolto Shell, nothing.
So after wiping the second time, I asked our lovely healer if he really was heal specced. "Yeah, I am", he said. And I had a lot of trouble to believe that, with the abyssal healing he did, so I decided to test him. I said: "Ok, cool, then put a Kolto Shell on me please"
Answer: "I did not choose Kolto Shell"
So not only did he obviously queue as Healer when he was DPS specced, he also lied to my face about it and came up with a bottom right ridiculous and insulting explanation. So me and my guildmate said bye bye to this doomed group. Of course the DPS-calling-himself-Healer then started to blame the tank (me) for his uselessness. I am not sure how long he went on, I ignored him after a few F-words and insults. But it was a really interesting experience.

To be clear. If a Healer is still new in the game, I expect no miracles. A new player has to learn healing, that is no problem. But what I will not tolerate is a DPS that queues as Healer, because he is not willing to wait in the queue and then when called on that bluff lies and accuses someone else for their cheating of the GF

I get that people don't wanna wait for long in the queue, but that is simply the fate of a DPS, live with it or respec for real. I had that so many times by now, that I almost auto-quit a group where the "Healer" is in DPS-stance (if it is a Merc/Operative). Usually I ask then, but sometimes I am just too fed up with this trend.

To make it clear to the DPS that still don't get it: You stop being a viable healer after Black Talon/Esseles, you just don't have the necessary tools to keep the group alive! If you wanna shoot things, wait your turn and don't make the tanks job harder then it already is!

But since by now, I know the people in this game... chances are it will happen again and again. Good to have a guild.