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I'll upload a later level photo when I return from Vegas, but this is lvl 22 with over 7k... You can't tell me you doubt 15 levels+ can net a simple 4k hp

also, my guild/personal healers favorite line is "you can't heal stupid"... Thought if fit your story
lower level mods have high endurance priority while 29+ are heavy on primary stats like main stat,absorb... damn this L 22 char has more hp then my 32 :P
not first time I stand corrected, 2 questions:
is it worth it? I mean it's impressive for rest of a group, but you'r missing alot of mitigation (so for L 35 enchancment instead of having nice shield chance and handfull of absorption, you have tons of hp but drop like dps) and threat generation.
what grade of mods you keep (blue / purple?) and do you augment everything with endurance.

I rather go for more mitigation, not use credits on augments until 40+ (but usualy wait till 50).

still, it's story mode, so probably doesnt matter much any ways (that's why I stopped wasting time and just using greens until L 50)

yeah, always when I'm being offended by people who died cause of some stupid things, I use that line too... 'I'm a good healer, but I can't heal stupid, can't heal you'
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