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lol, I would love to see someone tell me my lowbie tank gear was crap... I had 11k hp at 35 that's more than some 50s can muster up
I call BS :P for companion, yes, I can see that coming (I have all imp companions maxed, missing 2 republic ones), unless you actually go with purple endurance armorings,enhancments, mods and augments for endurance in every single piece...

as on topic, doing lowbies flashpoints waiting for 2.3 and ewok, and I see less and less weird things.. I mean yeah, my tank is outdpsing some dps, had PT tank who was spamming flame sweep (ending with heat 99 6 seconds after pull started). shadows in wrong stances and not using stealth, marauders breaking CC, juggs using def coold down between pulls (lol?)...

Think most of what I can muster up from last few days was:
que in, instant pop, I see PT tank, marauder (alert alert), and sniper. Oka let's do this. typed 'brb getting a drink and good to go'
they started 3 seconds later which resulted in me spilling juice on my desk as I tried to heal their bums only to read 'healer, u asleep?'
3rd pull, 2 elite droids, I mark one for cc, marauder leaped to him (before tank) so I cc'd and marked other one, at this point marauder used smash and woke him up.
tank was droppign a bit, bitto fast, that made me wonder.
after pull I inspected tank briefly, yup, dps gear. well, ok, it's just boarding party, could be worse.
marauder refused to heal after battle 'you are healer, heal me' - I responded 'you attacked target who I marked for cc, then broke CC on another target, and started before tank-heal your self'
ok, so we have 2 tards, still, we can do it, sniper hits pretty reasonable.
big droid boss. tank doesnt move from circles (not a biggy for one person), then I notice sniper doesnt move too. he rolled behind 'natural cover' and thinks he's safe.
on a first beam tank and sniper didn't move from it, sniper died, I healed tank. marauder lived as he wasnt on beams path - fair enouth. think we can do it.
second beam - marauder was in path this time, ofc he didn't move, tank didn't move. we all die....
'why you not healing us, you are terrible'
so I said 'sure, yeah, I have to go, bye' - and made my english exit.

somethimes you can see you have 2 good DPS, and bosses and trash die so quickly, you wonder 'how terrible last nights group must have been, this went 3 times as fast lul'
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