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07.05.2013 , 02:46 AM | #451
DPS healers are so common it's not funny. Last night i was levelling up my PT I just started. I decided to play as a tank after levelling up my own sage.

So the first boss on Hammer and I set up, pull aggro, and I am powering away making bringing it down, and I notice my health keeps dropping and only gets picked up when I am really low. I occasionally have to use a medpac. So I think give him a chance maybe he is forgetting seeing as this boss is usually easy.

Next boss we rollover, although I notice on the way that the operative sniper keeps opening up. So i say, "let me open to pull these, then just top me off when I am at 50% we will roll this". "Sure, np". "have you played healer before??" "no I am a DPS normally", "OK well just concentrate on keeping me up, and it will go easier"

We get to the last boss and I say "I will pull the boss, everyone get round the back, if you keep me up we will take this down in no time". So the sniper pops up in front, the healer drops out the back and the assassin stays at the back. So I try to pull the boss round to keep him out of the sniper. The sniper follows me round argggh.

Needless to say the sniper dies in the cone of fire. So np, i have done this as a healer with a tank before, you dont really needs 2 dos. So i say "dos pick off adds, heal just keep me up".

SO now the healer decides that he knows better, and DPS everything in sight. Grrrr, so we wipe, and I say "please concentrate on keeping me up", "use your medpacs and shield, you probably have crap gear", DPS joins in "you are fricking healer do your damn job and let us do ours" "QFT" (NB my gear is as good as it can be at level 15 as I buy all the latest mods available)