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just read the new rules, i like them... i would suggest that you do something with the skipping, i know linear add more "points", but i think ( for me) the points worth nothing, i mean its fine for overall guild ranking, but, people like their world 1st / 2nd / 3rd... well at least me, its my opinion... i would just DQ skipping honestly... and make the bonus something else or just remove ... also add a period of time to the skipping DQ, lets say new DG fight but really impossible, theres 13 days to wait for fix / nerf / kill, if no one kills within 13 days, next weeks reset (starting same day for everyone) people is allowed to skip that boss to have a "fair" competition.

So my point is, linear clear bonus is fine, but i would just DQ skipping in "this ranking"... let them be first in their server who cares, post what they want on their website, but here we have a "set rule" not open to "mathematics" "arguments" , WoW comparison, anything....guilds who likes the rule, participate.... others can create their own thread ....

Otherwise we will have the same problem we had in TFB... theres the real W1 DG kill - DiLiH in the rankings... theres the real W1 full clear - DiLiH... then there's this other guild that claims "world first kill" and confuse people, because there wasnt a clear rule that said if it was right or wrong to skip.... because apparently skipping a boss because its "bugged" or "overtuned" (false, and doable) make sense, but claiming a world first killing a boss that they couldnt kill (like 1 - 1:30 mins behind timer, at least in their kill vid.) and killed because of a "bug" (an actual real bug that killed the boss for them), then thats a world first (for them) when they could have spent few more wiping days like everyone else, and maybe eventually kill since they are good, or wait for nerf if they wanted and not claim something thats not true ... i would just avoid this whole argument on 1st / 2nd, skip not to skip... and Disqualify Skipping as a rule for certain amount of time .

that's My idea, since i probably will miss that meeting.
I agree. Thank you for saying it though, since if it comes from anyone from our guild we would just get called "elitests","tryhards", and "e-peen strokers" (though I cant stroke what I can't find).

Seems to me though that refusing to go along with the only two guilds with clears and titles, the majority of the PvE community, and the people who took the time to set this up for the good of the whole community means you're more worried about stroking your own than having someone else do the stroking. I'd rather be Queen of the Mountain than simply the hill in my back yard that no one else plays on.