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Carl I would like to point out that the first couple of guilds that did kill nightmare DG were not optimized. They had chars that were not BiS either. Its the same fight. You stick to the mechanics and you win. That's why you havent been seeing a ton of guilds posting progression on the fight. I know on my server there are still only a handful of guilds that have cleared it and most of those are in 16m since we have both Severity Gaming and Chosen on our server.
I would never presume to call this fight super easy even in its current form compared to the original. I would call the current form balanced and the original state of the fight overtuned. It is definitely a nightmare worthy encounter.
of course i didnt mean it wasnt nightmare worthy, just said, the 30 sec enrage wasnt what the fight needed... neither i believe the Dg fight should be the hardest, it should be kephess or TFB... but besides that, theres a difference between: using different "class" not "fully optimized" lets say my sniper in our kills instead of my op, was missing reli, implant, ear, wasnt fully optimized, but it was a "better" class for the fight.... thats different than using a random alt you dont focus on gearing, not even augmented, with stuff Pug runs sometimes even reject in a hm sav lol.... 1 is necessity other is just, alt run... now ill point out that we wouldnt be able to kill them pre nerf with second group undergear lol, but after nerf, yes we could.

so ill believe the "not optimized" if its true, dont know, none of them plays in my server, is more a "i preffer this class that does better even with less gear", more than using an under geared ssin tank like i used lol... now i agree with you mechanics is 60% and skills 40% of the fight... once again the post is just to shot everyone that there is not that "myth" perfectly BiS gear requirement everyone says, like omg we cant kill this, first answer is " its gear, this just needs more gear" false... just that.
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