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So I have been speaking with a few ppl that are starting to get bored with content in game and the overall most common complaint is that there isn't enough raids in the game.

As it currently stands there is two raids for endgame raiders to hit atm thats it. The other ops no one runs because they are irrelevant even for a fresh lvl 55.

As much as I love the challenge of new NiM raids this is not new content, adding more hp to a boss and making the enrage timer tighter is still the same content. The fact that everyone knows the fight before they hit it the first time because there is already guides on the net from the pts takes away from the raid too.

What would be great to see is four or five current new content raids that raid groups could push through at the same time.

The reason I talk exclusively about raids as new content is because a raider has no reason to do a HM FP, it is irrelevant to them.

So instead of seeing new content every 8 weeks how about new raids every 3 months.

Atm I know of many raid groups that simply run NiM TFB every week for the entire lockout because they are full 72 BiS lets give them something else to run

Not to walk on anyones toes, but as I used to work in the industry, I want to comment on development times, as I have experienced them. I believe it took George Smith a month to develop the Dash'roode fight (just the fight, not including the environment), which didn't include beta and bug testing times.

Developing a fresh raid instance requires new models, textures, audio, programming, developing the environment, scripting each raid encounter, bug testing, tuning, etc. This simply cannot be done in an 8-week period. Also keep in mind that in the history of MMOs, no game has ever released raid content faster than the players complete it.

As a result, it's much less work to simply tune an instance to support a higher level of difficulty. This means that a team can develop that content while another team starts to develop new content. Either way, it is a time-consuming process.