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We've got a great community going over here, and experienced and helpful players. We truly are a guild that strives to do it all, from being active and competitive on the ranked scene to having a high performing progression team. Regardless of your interests in the game we have a community to support you and challenge you.

For republic side I'd love to recruit in some more people interested in PVE particularly. We'd like to push our progression team to 16man as we're working on farming HM TFB & S&V getting geared and ready for NiM. Would like some skilled heals and DPS (preferably ranged). We're also looking at expanding our structured raids with a group gearing and potentially a late night group working on hard modes as well. Tuesday Thursdays are our main days, however we also have a lot of people with alts that will raid randomly throughout the week. Feel free to PM me, email me at or shoot me an ingame mail on Andrik or Quohrin (pub side) or Zagdarr (imp side) I'd love to talk to you or run some stuff sometime!

ALSO In exciting news, Republic side downed the Writhing Horror in Nightmare Mode as an 8man, so congratulations on that and looking forward to continuing progression!
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